How Do the Rich get Richer?


Untaxed U.S. corporate profits held overseas top $2.1 trillion: study

Corporate greed?  According to the article the biggest offender’s are: In first place, General Electric Company. Second place, Microsoft Corporation. Third place, Pfizer Incorporated. Fourth….Merck & Company Incorporated. Fifth….Apple Incorporated. And what’s their excuse?

From the article:

In response, GE said in a statement: “GE operates in more than 170 countries, and most of these overseas earnings have been reinvested in active business operations like manufacturing facilities and loans to non-U.S. customers.”

Microsoft, Merck and Pfizer were not immediately available for comment. Apple did not respond to requests for comment.–business.html;_ylt=AwrBEiSyhkRTh0wARiLQtDMD

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