If Actions Speak Louder Than Words….


“It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy”: Obama Goes AWOL Again with Just 40-Second Mention of Malaysian Plane Crash Feared to Have Killed Americans before His Jokey 16 Minute Transport Speech

From the article:

President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 295 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, as he began an often jokey 16-minute speech about the need to expand America’s transportation infrastructure.

I think this comment says it all…

The UiNeill, Arlington Texas USA, United States

Any decent man would have postponed his comments to be rescheduled for another day. He would have stated the facts as he knew them and retreated to be briefed. But not our slap stick baffoon of a POTUS. Bet all the American families who lost someone felt great. They have my deepest sympathy.


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