“If You Mess Up, Fess Up”? Maybe Not?


With an Apology, Brian Williams Digs Himself Deeper in Copter Tale

From the article:

For years, Brian Williams had been telling a story that wasn’t true. On Wednesday night, he took to his anchor chair on “NBC Nightly News” to apologize for misleading the public.

On Thursday, his real problems started….

Funny, hmm…the more I read different things on the internet the more I realize I (you?) better take just about everything with a “grain of salt”.  The same goes for TV.

It seems to me that Brian Williams works in an industry that often? embellishes events. The turn of a phrase, an inflection of the voice… I bet most people don’t really analyze the nitty gritty of what goes into “nightly news” programs.  People just sit there and watch passively.

I would say as a rule, we never question if the things we listen to can be backed up.  Actually, the question doesn’t even exist.  Talk about influence…  We should remember that.

I wonder how many meetings that Brian Williams has been in and what kind of damage control NBC is doing, lol. If this doesn’t quiet down I wouldn’t be surprised if he “retires”.

Maybe he’ll take an extended vacation until it blows over. It doesn’t take long until old news blows over and something new takes its place.


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