IMO: The Schools Need to Butt Out


Mom Shocked to Get a Note from School after Sending Oreos in Her Daughter’s Lunch

From the article:

When a Colorado mom sent her daughter to school with Oreos in her lunchbox, her 4-year-old returned home with the cookies uneaten — and a letter from her school saying the family needs to pack healthier lunches.

Maybe mom needs to send a note back saying that nutritious lunches will be provided.

Also, that the parent will hold the teacher personally responsible if the child fails to move on to the next grade and they will be sued. I  wonder how fast the teachers and/or, schools would leave the parent alone?

Since the school wants to take the responsibility for forcing parents to only feed the children certain foods and pack healthier lunches, maybe?  the schools should be sued for the cost of the pregnancy (womb rent, lol) , the dental and medical bills and the food that has to be provided for that child, etc.,etc.

They want to be the boss, maybe they should “pay” to be the boss.

Suggestions are fine, bullying is not.

Then again, with all the “nuttiness” going on in the school system these days, I’d probably home school. The parents of home schooled children should get a tax break too. As in any portion of the taxes allotted to the schools should be remitted to the home schooled child’s parents.

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Posted May 5, 2015 by Sue Says in category In the News

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