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Satanic Temple Unveils Goat-headed Statue in Detroit

From the article:

A crowd of several hundred gathered Saturday night to see Detroit’s newest resident: A 9-foot, 2,000-pound statue of a goat-headed occult idol named Baphomet.


The statue will now be stored out of public view until the Temple can find it a permanent home. The group hopes to display it at the Arkansas State Capitol, next to a monument of the Ten Commandments.

Why next to the Ten Commandments?

Line from the article…”Despite the dark pageantry, however, the Temple says its concept of Lucifer is as a literary figure”.

At least 100 grand for a “literary figure”? They couldn’t make better use of their time and money?

And why all the secrecy over just a “literacy figure”? Seems a bit cowardly to me…all this cloak and dagger stuff.

And yet…one day it’s supposed to be placed on display next to the 10 Commandments. We’ll see…I suppose?

One more thing…I had also thought about who might have been able to come up with the $100,000. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from  an “anonymous” donor.

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