Incredible Hypocrisy!


Hillary Clinton takes aim at 2nd Amendment: Time to ‘rein in’ an ‘article of faith’

Did you know?…

At one time Congress stopped the lifetime security detail on former President’s and their families.

Guess who repealed that? Obama. So, former President’s and First Ladies, have access to armed security the remainder of their lives. Their children, until they are sixteen.

I find the hypocrisy astounding, that persons such as Hillary Clinton continuously harp and put down American’s citizens right to protect themselves…..yet they have the opportunity to have someone protecting them for their entire lifetime.

You would think that with that particular law being public record that  Hillary Clinton wouldn’t bring the gun issue up.

Then again, these people have NO shame. Absolutely none.

And if Hillary runs for office and she wins in 2016, she will still put her hand on the Bible to take the oath to protect the Constitution.

Link to change in the policy:

The summary of the law:

H.R.6620 — 112th Congress (2011-2012) 

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