Inquiring Minds Want to Know What’s in the 332 Page Plan


Republican FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler To Delay Net Neutrality Vote, Release Proposal

From the article:

“We respectfully request that FCC leadership immediately release the 332-page Internet regulation plan publicly and allow the American people a reasonable period of not less than 30 days to carefully study it,” Republican Commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly said in a statement Monday. “Then, after the commission reviews the specific input it receives from the American public and makes any modifications to the plan as appropriate, we could proceed to a final vote.”

There is probably a snowball’s chance in you know where (figure of speech), that these people care anything about the American public and will allow us to look over this proposal before voting on it. I hope I’m wrong.

The one thing that this article talks about is transparency. When I see that word,  I automatically think it will be anything but.. Yes, I’ve been conditioned to think that way since 2008.

The other issue with me is this… I just want to know if the FCC leadership is capable of reading 332 pages? And not only that, but comprehending what they read. That would be a real help.

Then again, wouldn’t you like to see for yourself what is in the 332 pages? I would.

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Posted February 24, 2015 by Sue Says in category In the News

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