Is a There a Link between Celiac Disease and Rhematoid Arthritis?


Does Celiac Disease Mimic RA?

From the article:

A recent study finds a strong correlation between rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease.  The findings of the research state that patients with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis may be misdiagnosed and may actually have a form of polyarthritis caused by gluten.   The authors of the research paper state…. (go to link to read more)

I was pretty interested to find out if there was a link between gluten (wheat) and arthritis in general. B-I-N-G-O!  (second link) There most certainly is.

I did look on this site (first link) to find that there is a test that you can have sent to your home to test for a gluten allergy.  But for many, (like me… for instance) who couldn’t possibly afford it, I have another suggestion… Do you own experiment. Just stop eating anything with wheat in it. (Easy, right?) I’d give it a good two weeks.

BTW, wheat is in many things. You’ll have to read labels. (There is a link provided. You’re welcome.) I know personally my body doesn’t tolerate wheat. I don’t have RA but osteoarthritis. I guess I should say, I’ve never been diagnosed with it.  Going wheat free improved my symptoms. (It’s still a struggle) It may be good for any auto-immune disease?  (Disclaimer: No, I’m not a doctor. Just one smart? wheat free lol, cookie.)

This one is a bit, okay….more than a bit technical. But you can glean info from it.

Arthritis and Coeliac Disease

How to avoid it, if  it turns out to be a problem for you:

From: Kids with Food Allergies (some may be grown-up kids, lol)

And last but not least…a recipe / recipes to get you started:

And it has five stars. Yay! (the pie crust, that is)

Pie Crust Gluten Free Recipe

You can use a substitute for the meat in this next recipe.

Quick & Easy Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

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