Is Obama Punishing His Enemies?


U.S. Marshals Raid Sheriff Joe’s Office

From the article:

A judge on Friday ordered the seizure of identification documents and computer hard drives from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office, and chastised his attorneys for failing to turn over the evidence, requested months ago in a racial-profiling case against the Arizona lawman.

The U.S. Marshals Service later raided the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.


“We must punish our enemies and reward our friends.”
Barack Hussein Obama

Reality Check…?

Let’s use a little common sense here shall we? Arizona borders Mexico with an almost completely open border that the federal government refuses to do its Constitutionally MANDATED duty to secure, and the idiot leftists can’t figure out why the vast majority of illegal aliens that Joe’s deputies are arresting are Hispanic. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how someone this freaking stupid is sitting on a federal bench with a lifetime appointment? Does a judicial appointment require the checking of any form of common sense at the door? Is having common sense a disqualifier when it comes to being named a federal judge?

Let’s look at how these traffic stops work. Car is pulled over for a traffic violation (been there, done that myself. More times than I care to admit. Even a few bogus stops where the officer just wanted to see who was driving that jacked up old SUV.) Deputy walks up to car window and says “License, registration and proof of insurance please.” and normally begins to make a little small talk. When the driver’s response is “No Hablo Anglais” and fails to produce any of the required documents, the Deputy then arrests the driver for driving without the required documentation. There is now a vehicle along the side of the road with a bunch of passengers. The Deputy asks if anyone in the vehicle has a driver’s license so that someone can drive the car home, rather than having it towed and leaving the occupants stranded. Every person in the vehicle responds with “No Hablo Anglais”. Since all adult US citizens are expected to speak ENGLISH, this would indicate that they are not US citizens. I know logic is tough for leftists so I spelled it out for them. Since all foreign nationals in the US legally are REQUIRED BY LAW to maintain either their visas or their green cards with them at all times, if they are unable to produce those documents when asked, they are either here ILLEGALLY or IN VIOLATION of the terms of their entry and therefore in VIOLATION OF THE LAW. This is simple logic and common sense. If I’m pulled over for a busted headlight, I have to produce the appropriate paperwork or face arrest and I’m a blue eyed blonde white guy. How is it racial profiling to use a little common sense and enforce the laws?

Here’s a little information for those who have never been to a predominantly illegal alien neighborhood. They buy old beater cars for cash so that they don’t have to buy liability insurance only long enough to register it. They buy the insurance for 1 month so that they have an insurance card for the registration office and then cancel coverage the next month. They don’t care about their car being destroyed in an accident because it only cost them a few hundred dollars. They don’t care about anyone in their car being injured in an accident because they either have medicaid, or simply skip out on the bill. Red light running and drunk driving are almost a part of Hispanic culture. It’s all good as long as it isn’t you or your family members who were hurt or killed by a drunk illegal alien running a red light with no insurance. Been there, done that too.

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