Islam and Male Insecurity…..


Iranian actress Leila Hatami faces public flogging

From the article:

Iranian court is asked to order the public flogging of award-winning actress Leila Hatami for greeting Cannes festival president with a kiss

A red carpet peck on the cheek by Leila Hatami, the Iranian actress at the Cannes Film Festival has been reported to the country’s courts by activists who are seeking a public flogging as punishment for violating Islamic laws.


Hossein Nushabadi, Iran’s deputy minister of culture, declared Hatami’s appearance in Cannes “in violation of religious beliefs”.

“Iranian woman is the symbol of chastity and innocence,” he said.

And what are the men considered? Control freaks? Can and do they control themselves with that much precision? And if they don’t?…..I believe it’s called, HYPOCRISY isn’t it? Do as I say, not as I do.

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