It Just Keeps Getting Better (sarcasm)


Man’s personal info stolen after using Obamacare website

 ImpeachObama planeboy

A little poem from a commentor….

Obamacare Lies

Obamacare is a travesty
Forced down our throats by his majesty.
Lied to us from the very first day
Just take a pain pill and go away.

Liberals continue to lie to us
And says Obamacare is a definite must.
A ‘death panel’ does not truly exist
Another LIE from this socialist.

Another LIE we all can see
That it will cost less for you and me.
Prices have doubled and tripled for us
Continued LIES from this socialist.

Doctors are leaving due to this mess
Causing the elderly and all undue stress.
Millions have lost their health care plan
Due to the LIES from this corrupt man.

America no longer the ‘land of the free’
Due to Obama and the dem party !
The dem party ceased to exist
Replaced with the lies of socialists !!

Have we become sheep in this once great land
To be dictated too by a corrupt socialist man?
Millions need to descend on DC
Take America back from this tyranny !

John D USN RVN 71, 72, 73, evac 75

Obummercare was never about Health care!

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