Immigration Could Get Push From Pope Francis

From the article:

Many advocates for revamping immigration laws have tried to coax Congress into action over the years, but a particularly powerful one will be arriving next month: Pope Francis.

Lawmakers and immigration activists expect the pontiff’s message will resonate beyond Capitol Hill and inspire members of Congress and their constituents. The pope’s U.S. schedule includes an address to Congress on Sept. 24 and a meeting two days later with immigrants and Hispanic families at Philadelphia’s Independence Mall.


The pope is a south american socialist who hates capitalism and America.

This is why many American catholics are leaving the organized church. Plus our money is going to Cuba etc. I am gone from that church telling me how to think. He is a socialist and has always been one.

Another foreigner trying to tell the USA what to do.

Perhaps the Pope should attend his own nation’s borders or what they call “migrant” problems for I understand those Africans are dying in the sea trying to get to Italy and could use the Pope’s help.

This particular Pope is also endorsing Man Made “global warming”, another scheme to forcibly redistribute the Wealth, that belongs to someone Else…Obama has to be this Pope’s biggest fan! The two of them are both huge fans of the “Liberation Theology” heresy…taught to Obama by his Rev Wright. It’s a blasphemous doctrine that fully squared with what Obama’s commie parents believed and what his “mentor” Frank Marshall Davis taught him.

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