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The Hemisphere Project (f/k/a Hudson Hawk): The Latest Spy Scandal Involving 4 Billion Recorded Phone Calls Per Day

Okay, so this is old news. but since someone commented in the previous article and  provided the link to it ….I though it was worth posting.

From the article:

The Hemisphere Project, a partnership between federal and local drug officials and AT&T that has not previously been reported, involves an extremely close association between the government and the telecommunications giant.

Also, from the article:

For at least six years, law enforcement officials working on a counternarcotics program have had routine access, using subpoenas, to an enormous AT&T database that contains the records of decades of Americans’ phone calls — parallel to but covering a far longer time than the National Security Agency’s hotly disputed collection of phone call logs.

I thought that this was interesting….from the article, of course:

The bad news, in case it wasn’t clear already: America is now officially an authoritarian state, in which personal privacy no longer exists in any capacity, in which the public-private complex collaborates against its citizens without express prior public knowledge or permission, and in which “some” have access to all private information merely “for the greater good.” Naturally, any abuse of the greater good, is at the fault of the “isolated” perpetrator, not the enabling behemoth government which has George Orwell spinning in his grave.


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