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Reporters Told to Stop Interviewing ‘Irrelevant’ Climate Change Critics

From the article:

A new study of how environmental reporters cover global warming and climate change reveals that they see the issue as one America has endorsed and, as a result, no longer include critics in their reports because they are “generally irrelevant.”

Of course, a different opinion would be irrelevant to the agenda, lol.

Have you ever heard “follow the money”? Chances are you may get to the truth a lot faster that way.

Hmm,…you think maybe someone is making money off of Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, I mean Global Warming?  (Yes, the two are inter changeable.) Personally….not a doubt in my mind.



Science has very little to do with the Global Warming Activist narrative and it rarely crosses paths with the world of Journalism!

The immediate past president of the Czech Republic, Dr, Vaclav Klaus, has described the global warming movement as ”a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”. Big Media has gotten the totalitarian part already figured out and are behaving accordingly.

When you can no longer question the government or it’s decisions, you may live in a communist country. !!


Big Brother is coming for you after that thoughtcrime, comrade.

Thank heaven for the internet & our ability to communicate with each other directly.

Directly to the servers at the Evil Lima Bean. I’ll almost guarantee you do not know what that is.

Of course I knew about NSA, but I did have to look up E.L.B. And it’s not just the NSA, we are being watched by growing multitudes. If I had any real influence I’d be in danger. But slowly, ever so slowly, I think people are waking. When I visited a doc’s office who demanded my SS, I gave him 123456789 but someone else registered with that already.

The Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are invested in Climate Change. Some of their largest contributors are from the alternative energy industry which hopes to make trillions by bilking consumers into buying wind and solar equipment that is not cost effective and which they don’t need. The alternative energy community has spent billions to change historical climate data world-wide and to publish made-up scientific reports all in an effort to promote their products and make oil based fuels the enemy.

The Evil Lima Bean:

Action this morning: Flying over the NSA Utah Data Center

This picture, taken this morning from the airship, is of the evil “lima bean” where NSA hoards virtually all of humanity’s private conversations.


 7 Stats to Know About NSA’s Massive Utah Data Center as It Nears Completion


Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA’s Monster Data Center  11.20.14


Not so long ago:

NSA reform bill killed in U.S. Senate   Nov 18 2014

From the article:

A bill introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy and supported by a coalition of technology companies designed to curb NSA data collection had undergone a Senate vote and failed by two votes. The USA Freedom Act fell short of the 60 votes needed to pass, garnering 58 votes in favor and 42 against.


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