Kid Can’t Wear the U.S. Flag but this?


Commack High School Students Pictured Wearing T-Shirts With

Anti-Semitic Messages

From the article:

An investigation is underway on Long Island after two Commack High School students were photographed wearing t-shirts with anti-Semitic messages.

As 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported, the photo shows two students in red t-shirts emblazoned with large, black swastikas with the word “Auschwitz” in large letters. In smaller letters, the words “hit the showers” can be seen, D’Auria reported.


There are a great many angry people in the world looking for a target to release that anger upon. Many non-Jews hate Jews, The hatred and contempt between different Christian denominations is sickening and Muslims hate everybody, Buddhists seem to avoid the religious hatred, except when attacked by Muslims. Then there is racial hatred, class hatred, generational hatred, gender hatred, ethnic hatred etc. With all the hatred in this small world building up, it will soon have to be released. A world war maybe?


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