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Push to buy: Amazon’s Dash Buttons Turn Your House into a Store

So, what if you’re forgetful and push the button several times?

For some people (like me?) this might be a bad idea. I can see someone having ten boxes of detergent delivered to their door.

Maybe it should come with a mini air horn to alert you when it’s already been ordered. That would keep grandpa and the kids away from it, lol. Or, not.

From the article:

Imagine you’re doing laundry (sorry, it’s not a fun daydream scenario). You notice you’re running low on detergent. You could either make a mental note to pick some up at the store, whip out your phone and place an online order, or, easiest of all, press a button that will automatically send your favorite brand to your doorstep. Amazon’s hoping the last option is the one that gets you excited.

Remember this? I loved this cartoon. And why, because of all the technology.

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Posted April 2, 2015 by Sue Says in category Technology

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