Mandala, or Painted Rocks?


Dots of Paint Transform Ordinary Stones into Beautiful Mandalas

From the site:

Australian artist Elspeth McLean loves color and detail, infusing it into all her works, large and small. Using a painting style inspired by ancient and traditional art, one she describes as “Dotillism,” she uses acrylic paint and a paintbrush to create intricate patterns of intense colors.

If you didn’t know by now…  Yes, I looked up what a mandala is.

Personally, a rock is a rock…is a rock. Painted, or not.

This would be and interesting and cheap craft for the kids. Or, you.

From Wikipedia:


 Dotillism Painting by Elspeth McLean


Montage of Elspeth McLean Dot Painting

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Posted April 14, 2015 by Sue Says in category Cool Stuff

2 thoughts on “Mandala, or Painted Rocks?

  1. Lisa Campbell

    First let me say how much you inspired me to try this!!!! I have mid stage ALS and am in a power chair and only have my right hand left working. I’m practicing on small stones but would like to place them in a garden. What can I do to water proof them. Someone said use mode-podge while others say spray with polyurethane . Your answer would make me happy. Your work is fabulous… How long have you been doing this? Thank you very much, Lisa

    1. Sue Says Post author

      Hi Lisa, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I didn’t see your comment until today. (I don’t get that many.)
      I don’t think that mod podge would stand up to outdoor weather to be honest. It’s more of a glue. I would think that something specifically made for the outdoors would be a better bet.
      I would like to see a picture of your project when you are done, if that’s possible, of course.
      Mid stage ALS. I have heard of the disease. I’m in the process of watching a video on it. I like to understand what people are going through. I have several health issue’s myself. Not to downplay your particular condition at all, of course. If I come across anything that may be doable for you level of ability…I will be glad to pass it on to you.
      I hope that you enjoy the other things that I have on my site, Lisa. And that they are encouraging to you.
      I will keep you in my prayer’s.


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