Most Americans Actually Know Very Little About Guns


5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

From the article:

Even in gun-crazy America, most of us aren’t shooting things as part of our day-to-day routine. So most Americans actually know very little about guns. Hollywood writers realized this a long time ago and, being writers, used it as an excuse to never do any fact-checking ever again.

I disagree with the notion of “gun-crazy” America. You can thank the mainstream media for that notion.

Most gun people are law abiding citizens. Go to the range more frequently than police officers. Have less accidental shootings than police officers.  And the last thing on the mind of legal gun owners is shooting anyone.

Truth is, even the “Wild Wild West” wasn’t the “Wild Wild West”.

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Posted April 20, 2015 by Sue Says in category 2nd Amendment

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