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Phone Company ‘Outraged’ By Fraud, Abuse In ‘Obamaphone’ Program

From the article:

A nationwide cellphone company distributing phones and cellphone plans in Denver as part of a massive government program says it is “outraged by the unacceptable actions” uncovered by a CBS4 undercover investigation.


In one case a Total Call agent used someone else’s food stamp card to provide eligibility for a CBS4 producer. On another occasion another Total Call agent said it would be perfectly fine to use a friend’s food stamp card to establish eligibility and obtain a free phone.

Encouraging Spying on your Neighbor:

The company is asking the public to let it know of any improper activity with regard to Lifeline applications submitted to Total Call.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a database of people receiving the phone’s? Then again there is too much money being made to do such a thing. Personally, I think that fraud was knowingly part of the deal. The companies are still making money regardless. The more phones they hand out the more money made. Who cares, right?

Personally, I think the companies should do their own policing. Doubt this will happen.


What Total Call is upset about is the TV station’s report, not fraud and abuse in a government program.

They get paid whether the phone is given out fraudulently or not!

Long story but we have an Obamaphone. Fell on some tough times a while ago. Recovered – no thanks to Obama and no longer needed the phone.
Safelink kept sending paperwork for me to recertify and I didn’t respond. Finally, I wrote in BIG LETTERS on the form “NO LONGER ELIGIBLE – PLEASE CANCEL” and sent it back.
I got an email a few days later thanking me for recertifying. That was two years ago.
The phone is sitting in a drawer.

This is news? They are outraged? The people who are outraged are us, the American taxpayer because the cost of Obamaphones is not absorbed by the phone companies, the cost is handed down to people who pay for there plans in the form of an additional tax. Obama is friends, yes, friends with the CEO in Mexico whose company makes these free phones. If that isn’t a conflict of interest and corrupt, I don’t know what is.

Name ONE program being ‘administered’ by the Owe-Bama Admin that ISN’T CROOKED, mis-managed, and full of abuses, along with a lack of checks and balances.


Outraged. I am simply outraged, I tell you. ZZZzzz.
We are numb to scandals and scandalous behavior by the most transparent administration in history.
Slow news day, I guess.

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