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IG Audit: 6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 or Older

From the article:

Many people are living longer, but not to age 112 or beyond — except in the records of the Social Security Administration.

The SSA’s inspector general has identified 6.5 million number-holders age 112 — or older — for whom no death date has been entered in the main electronic file, called Numident.

Okay, so from the get go…I knew this couldn’t possibly be right.

First course of business….stop any outgoing checks for anyone 112 years and older. The legitimate one’s will show up for theirs, right? Honestly, how many can there possibly be?

Flag the number’s with both Social Security and the IRS in case they are used in any other manner.

Delete their name from Voter Registration rolls.

I doubt it would be that hard to check the Social Security Number’s against IRS’s number’s.

I don’t understand why  states aren’t letting the federal government know when someone is deceased?

There should be an online app to alert Social Security and the IRS that someone is deceased.  And then send in verification.

One thing I’d like to know is….when was the last time an audit of this nature was done?


I bet they vote democrat all the time too. This is just one reason dems fight voter id laws tooth and nail.

Note the tone and attitude of the politicians quoted in this article. They act like they have just read something in the paper that astounds them. And, now they are sharing it with us to get our reaction.

There is nothing about who is responsible.

There is nothing about the estimated cost of this obvious fraud that is layers thick starting with the initial data and carrying through to illegal aliens taking advantage of the data.

There is nothing about what the next steps are, if any, as to what to do about it.

There is nothing about a deadline to get this cleaned up.

There is nothing about indictments and prosecution of the wrong doers – inside and outside of government.

It is not that it has happened and has happened for decades, but that there is none of the above from our elected representatives that makes us distrust government and why we have to fork over an ever growing amount of money, in the form of an ever more layered tax regime to these incompetents.

I’ll bet if you tied their already ridiculously inflated salaries to getting this cleaned up and if they didn’t they wouldn’t get paid, we would actual see some progress. Fat chance . . .

Has anyone bothered to check the list against the voter registration rolls? What do you bet they’re all registered Democrats?

roval OldOllie
Democrats are well known cheaters at the ballot box.

Thanks to Obama Care we now have our elderly living longer and voting Democratic!

Jack Gil
Has Obama found out about this by reading a newspaper yet??

Professor Fate
I wonder how many of these supposed octogenarians are still receiving a check every month? I’d wager there’s a bunch of grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins in a trash bag under the floorboards.

6.5 Million. Hmmm, that’s enough to swing an election.

I wonder if Obama’s number is one of them

SSA makes it difficult to report a death. When my MIL died, I had to go in person, take a number, sit for 3 hours waiting when I was helping them, not trying to get money. They a required notarized death certificate and I had to prove I was a legal relation for them to accept it.

Dave S
What really burns me about this is the government knows who and where these people are. The dirty secret is these are stolen SSN’s by illegals who need them to work. They pay into Social Security and Treasury but never were able to get either before now so the government turned a blind eye to it. These people are guilty of identity theft and the government is complicit in it. I found out after my dads death that someone was using his SSN and when I went to the Social Security office I asked why they allowed it and was told to mind my own business.

I got one for you guys. While in Florida on an investigation, I was scheduling an appointment with a low life Mesican and was told if I did not speak Spanish, not to show up? This is actually quite common, these people have no interest in assimilating into the USA & learning English, they are here to take from the idi0t gringo. During the investigation, I did not tell them I knew Spanish, and listened to their comments. All they did was attack America, and discuss how stup!d we are, and they also gave me enough information to know they were committing fraud. I’ve done this on many investigations, and the best part is when I conclude the investigation, and thank them & tell them I will be filing the report – all in Spanish. Their expressions are always priceless.

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