Obama and Gun Control



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Watcher ForChrist

Of course Obama is going to by-pass Congress….was there ever any doubt?  Why are the American people not overthrowing this evil muslim tyrant?  Is this what America stands for now? For all the unheard voices….through all the silence and apathy….this screams of consent to the actions of this dictator.  America appears to the rest of the world as weak and cowardly.  I pray for the America that once was…that it will rise once again….but I fear it will soon be too late.

believe it 

Impeach…call your so-called representatives and demand impeachment under threat that we will hold them accountable, under the law. They can be charged and held accountable for not upholding their oath of office. it is legally binding. What can be done? Do not sit idly by…this has been our downfall thus far. Freedom and Liberty require constant vigilance and the last couple generations dropped the ball. First and foremost we have to stop feeding the beast that is hellbent on our destruction. Immediate and widespread work stoppages are called for as is stopping payment of taxes. Stop borrowing money one does not have, to buy things that many times one does not need, from the banks that were given trillions of our dollars (ad which much of the problem can be traced back to). Stop applying for or buying licenses, permits, and all other forms of govt “permission.” Organize and prepare to move into outlying small self-sustaining communities for survival and defense and as a means of preparing for any repercussions. This is the thing they fear most….people uniting as one and slamming the brakes on the machine. It has shown to be effective in the past yet is something seldom talked about. Make no mistake, they are actively committing genocide as we speak, we just do not yet see the repercussions fully and.or they are being hidden from view. The “war” against the common people went hot a long time ago. That is the reason Fukushima has been left to rage on unabated and we are being sprayed like bugs 24/7, our food, water, and vaccines poisoned, and the weather intentionally modified to create drought in the largest agricultural area of the US. They are not kidding about their planned depopulation agenda. It is not planned any longer…it is in full swing but many are unaware. If you look back just a short while in time you will see that by the time they start openly talking about agendas and “future” plans, they are often already under way…this is no different. I do not pretend to think this will solve all of the issues, it will not. but it is certainly a good start and far better idea than anything else I have seen because it is doable. All we need is the will.

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