Obama Has/Had? Confidence That Archuleta Is the Right Person for the Job


OPM Announces More Than 21 Million Affected by Second Data Breach

From the article:

More than 21 million Social Security numbers were compromised in a breach that affected a database of sensitive information on federal employees held by the Office of Personnel Management, the agency announced Thursday.

That number is in addition to the 4.2 million Social Security numbers that were compromised in another data breach at OPM that was made public in June. Officials have privately linked both intrusions to China.

It used to be that when you did a bad job…you got fired. Now they…Archuleta and Seymour want a pat on the back for failing to protect people’s private information because after all they did find out the information had been breached. Incredible.

I have to ask…If they had one breach…how on earth did they allow another to occur?

There used to be an old saying…”that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Apparently they never heard that one, lol.

I say let the people whose information was breached decide whether or not Ms. Archuleta and Ms. Seymour should receive their termination papers.

You think the reason that Ms. Achuleta hasn’t been asked to step down has something to do with the fact that she was the political director for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign? I think so. Makes sense to me.

If someone were to tell me…that the right person for the job was someone that was ineffective at doing their job…I’d think they were a sandwich short of a picnic.  Isn’t that a nice way to put it?

Maybe with the second revelation she/they? will be asked politely to resign and then given another job somewhere else that doesn’t include anything that can be breached.


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