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Kenyan Pastors to Obama: Don’t Bring ‘The Gay Talk’ Here (updated)

From the article:

President Barack Obama heads to Kenya Thursday for a global economic summit. It will be Obama’s first visit as president to his father’s homeland.

While some hope the trip will bring closer ties between our two countries, there’s one subject many Kenyans don’t want the president to talk about: gay rights and same-sex marriage.


Seven hundred Kenyan evangelical pastors have written an open letter asking the president not to come to their country and talk about the gay agenda.

Wow, “seven hundred” pastors said no to bringing the gay agenda to Kenya. And told Obama so. That’s something. Good for them. And Kenya is 82% Christian.

Second Wow….Another lawmaker warned, “We shall tell him to shut up and go home” if he talks about gay rights.

That would be something if Obama was shown the door.

All I can thing of now is “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus”.

As I re-read some of the things in the article…I realized there are some things that I disagree with.  I don’t believe that homosexual’s should be thrown in jail as a matter of course.  Though I don’t believe that  homosexuality should be promoted  as an alternate lifestyle either .

That being said there is no excuse for name calling and mistreatment without cause.

If homosexuals should be thrown in about Adulterer’s? Fornicator’s? I think everyone would all end up in jail for one reason or another.

You know…I can’t imagine that there is a problem that can’t be prayed about. We are “all” wrong as far as sin goes. We have all come short of the glory of God. What would Jesus do? I imagine he would heal the person from their infirmity and say, “Go and sin no more”.

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