Oh Boy, Here We Go Again…..


Global warming dials up our risks, UN report says

Somebody has been milking the Global Warming Ideology Cow and they aren’t finished with it (or, us?) yet….

Hmm…I remember my mother telling me when I was a child that the daily news (media, though we didn’t call it that then)  was from one disaster to another. She said it was to keep people upset all the time. Personally, I think she was one smart cookie. And I believe, she was right.

How often do you, or really any of us take a step back and look at nature? ( Even though Spring hasn’t arrived yet for Michigan, where I live). In general are the tree’s still leafing out? Grass still green? Flower’s blooming? Can you see across the street? Good. How about farther than that? Air must be relatively clean, huh? Squirrels still running around the neighborhood? Thought so….

If you are of a “certain” age, or older….Do you remember Smokey the Bear? And “only YOU….can prevent forest fires”. We are talking about something that was pushed decades ago and actually continued long after it’s inception. I have never lived near a forest. Though I did visited the Smokey Mountains,  never once did I start a forest fire. I guess it must have worked! All those years of indoctrination when I was a child. Okay, here’s another one…..Don’t be a litter bug. Because every litter bit hurts. Rarely, if ever do I see anyone throwing garbage out the window. This one worked too.

And….finally, your Global Warming Indoctrination is almost complete….


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