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There’s Already a Conspiracy Theory Brewing Over Net Neutrality

From the article:  (Friday, the 27th, 2015)

Why won’t they release the rules?!?!

It’s been less than 24 hours since the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve strict new regulations on Internet providers, but that’s the leading question coming from its critics.


Let’s stop this nonsense right here. It’s a stretch to think the FCC is withholding anything.

Of course they’re not, lol. 

Do the people who write such a things think that the whole world is on drugs?


While it was certainly within FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s power to release his draft proposal before it came to a vote…

Except of course, that prior to the vote, no one had released the “rules”.  Draft, or otherwise. And it’s perfectly okay to vote on things for which there are no rules, right? No hint of anything corrupt in that.

If you seem to sense any kind of sarcasm..

And if you listen closely…. you will see that it was a “done deal”.  He let the “cat out of the bag” before the vote. 

No one can guard your rights more than your government. (It’s just a statement folks. Do I mean it? That’s for me to know and you to figure out.)

The government is the new “gate keeper” of the internet. But of course that wouldn’t imply an kind of control, now would it?


 You Can Keep Your Internet- Yeah Right! FCC Passes Net Neutrality! We’re In Trouble!



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