Winter Storm Juno Pulls its Punches: Snow Totals Won’t be as Bad as Forecast

From the article:

Tens of millions of people along the East Coast hunkered down for a storm that for most failed to live up to predictions that it would be one of the worst they’d ever seen.

Forecasters originally said the storm could bring 1 to 3 feet of snow and punishing hurricane-force winds. But early Tuesday, they downgraded most of those numbers, saying New England would fare the worst, but even then not as bad as expected.



Jay Bonner
 Maybe they could re-evaluate the global warming/climate change people too and decide that they are egotistical (pontificating when they don’t know what they are talking about) fanatics. I vote for snowgate…

I think snowpalooza would have been a better title.
Ron Ernie 

 Those daring young blizzard wizards and their marvelous computer models!

It’s winter…  Be prepared for winter.

This is all that should ever have to be said to anybody.  Ever.  Period.

Anything else added is political posturing, hype for ratings, or fear mongering.

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