Sketches From The Life of Paul

by Ellen G. White

Chapter 7: Imprisonment of Paul and Silas

In company with Silas, Paul again visited Lystra, where he had been greeted as a god by the heathen; where the opposing Jews had followed on his track, and by their misrepresentation had turned the reverence of the people into insult, abuse, and a determination to kill him. Yet we find him again on the scene of his former danger,….

All About JESUS


Comforter and Friend

Lee Venden

I am hoping that you don’t mind another repeat of this video. It’s good enough in my opinion to watch several times.

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Sketches From The Life of Paul

by Ellen G. White

Chapter 5: Preaching Among the Heathen

The apostles next visited Iconium. This place was a great resort for pleasure-seekers, and persons who had no particular object in life. The population was composed of Romans, Greeks, and Jews. The apostles here, as at Antioch, first commenced their labors in the synagogues for their own people, the Jews. They met with marked success; numbers of both Jews and Greeks accepted the gospel of Christ. But here, as in former places where the apostles had labored, the unbelieving Jews commenced an unreasonable opposition to those who accepted the true faith, and, as far….




Tonight is a repeat of one video in the series “All About Jesus”. If I have a favorite video series, this must be it. And I could watch it over and over. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I hope you haven’t either.

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I have some news and I hate to say that it’s bad because I don’t believe it is. My mother passed away this past Saturday. Because I believe that a person rests in death, I can’t wait to see her once again when Jesus returns. She will receive a glorious body like her Lord. That is good news if you ask me. I will ask though that you for pray for my family. Please pray that through this I have the opportunity to present the good news about death. Thank you.


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Sketches From The Life of Paul

by Ellen G. White

Chapter 4: Ordination of Paul and Barnabas

The apostles and disciples who left Jerusalem during the fierce persecution that raged there after the martyrdom of Stephen, preached Christ in the cities round about, confining their labors to the Hebrew and Greek Jews. “And the hand of the Lord was with them; and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord.” …

Indeed, A Message for Our Time



2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

New American Standard Bible

Man of Lawlessness

1 Now … we request you, … BRETHREN, … with regard to … the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ … and … our gathering together to Him,

2 THAT … you not be quickly “shaken”  from your composure … or, … be “disturbed” … either … by … “a spirit” … or, … a “message” … or, … “a letter” …  AS IF …  from us, … to the effect … that … the day of the Lord HAS come.

Let no one! … in any way … DECEIVE YOU! …  for … it WILL NOT come … UNLESS … the apostasy comes … FIRST … and … the “man of law-less-ness” is … REVEALED , the “son of destruction”…..

(Punctuation, mine)

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