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Top 10 US States With the Best Weather All Year Round

We’ve had relatively decent weather the past month or so in Michigan but winter weather is coming. Though that’s not what prompted my curiosity about which states have the best weather. What did was that my “eldest” son lives in California and I was curious about the city where he lives. Within that information was the weather.

From the article:

Whether you’re choosing your next vacation spot, looking for the best place to retire, or planning a move to a new state, you’ll probably want to think about the weather.

To help you decide where to visit or live in the United States, here are the top ten states with the best year round weather in America.

What’s the difference between “eldest” and “oldest”?

From the page:

Indeed, both eldest and oldest refer to the greatest in age. The crucial difference, however, lies in the fact that eldest can only be used for related persons, while oldest can be used for any person, place or thing in a group of related or unrelated elements. Examples:….

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