Political Lies Fall Under Free Speech…..


Justices allow challenge to law banning political lies

From the article:

The Supreme Court came down forcefully on the side of free speech Monday, even in the case of lies told during a political campaign.

I didn’t know that there were 16 states that had a law banning political lies. Did you? And that the party that lied could be sued. Did these states have more than their fair share of liars?

The truth be told, I always though the words “lying” and “politics” were synonymous.  Isn’t our job as fine citizens of our “fair” country  to pick out the truth from the lies? Yes, I’m being a little sarcastic today. Just a little…

Reminds me of Mission Impossible. Good morning, Mr/Ms. “Blank”. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves figuring out if a political party is lying to you. And then vote, accordingly


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Mission Impossible –  ( 1966 – 1973 )

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