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I don’t know where to begin…

I heard tonight about a mentally retarded man who is in his fifties who “was” on dialysis. He is at one of the worst nursing homes in Michigan.

I can’t say of course how I know this….it’s privileged information. I’m not supposed to know. But I do.

Anyway, everyone in his immediate family is gone (deceased)  and he was being taken care of by distant relatives. Indirectly. He was actually being taken care of in a nursing home. Those words “being taken care of” mean very little. And he was being taken back and forth to dialysis.

They, the distant relatives have decided that they do not want to be involved in his care anymore. In any form or fashion. And truly maybe they are older too and can’t.  They have asked his doctor to discontinue dialysis for him. Which means in a short matter of time he will die. He would otherwise live for several more years.

I am so sick at heart about this. I just cried when I heard about it. This is beyond belief for me.

I don’t know his name…I only know the details. Please…please…keep this man in your prayer’s. God knows who he is. Please ask your friends to pray for him too.

Thank you.

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