Preparing for “Snowmaggedon 2015″”


Blizzard 2015 Photos: NYC Grocery Stores Cleaned Out as Northeast Prepares for Snow Storm

From the article:

Grocery stores in New York City and around the Northeast are being overrun and cleaned out as customers brace for a “potentially historic” snow storm set to bury the region.

Shoppers tweeted photos from checkout lines at stores throughout the Northeast using the hashtags #blizzardof2015 and #Snowmageddon2015:


Rick Roma

What fools. As if a foot of snow is going to prevent them from getting food for a week. 


 I understand there is a storage issue for people living in NYC but really???  You don’t have enough food for 2 days?  I invested in food storage about 2 years ago.  Has a shelf life of 25 years.  I could live for 1 year without having to go to the store if I absolutely had to.  The cats, not so much.  They’d be in trouble.


 Imagine how these people would act if the situation was ACTUALLY dire.  

I live in Michigan and this is what people do when a big storm is coming. Pretty normal behavior for the most part. You would thing that people would be better prepared.

The one thing I thought I’d mention is that grocery stores as in other businesses do a thing called on time delivery. When they are sold out of inventory it’s a possibility stores might not be restocked that fast?


 I know it’s a cliche to be the “cold doesn’t bother me” Canadian, but in my part of Canada, where such storms happen regularly, schools never close, no one misses work and we don’t stock up on groceries. All we do is complain … a lot. It’s perfectly easy to cope with storms as long as you don’t freak out.


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