Pro-Net Neutrality Backpedaling?


Dear FCC: Rethink The Vague “General Conduct” Rule

From the article:

For many months, EFF has been working with a broad coalition of advocates to persuade the Federal Communications Commission to adopt new Open Internet rules that would survive legal scrutiny and actually help protect the Open Internet. Our message has been clear from the beginning: the FCC has a role to play, but its role must be firmly bounded.

Two weeks ago, we learned that we had likely managed the first goal—the FCC is going to do the right thing and reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service, giving it the ability to make new, meaningful Open Internet rules.

 Last line: But we are deeply concerned that the FCC’s new rules will include a provision that sounds like a recipe for overreach and confusion: the so-called “general conduct rule.”

 This is someone, a group actually who is/was? pro net neutrality.

And maybe, just maybe, this was why there was never really an “open” discussion prior to the vote. Nothing to discuss or question if there are no “rules” as yet.

It’s obvious that some things were already out there as possibilities though.

Houston, we have a problem…

Another link:

The “Vague” Rule (Reuters, Feb 20th, 2015)

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