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Where in the world is all the oil?

There is very little in the way of it being an actual “article”. That being said, the comments are pretty good.

Personally, just between me and you…I think that oil crisis’s are a big lie. Used of course, to extract money out of your pocket. The exception may be? on the political end of it. Who has the black gold and who doesn’t.

It may be true…or, not that at one point it might not be cost effective to get the oil? I am old enough to remember that we were told in the 70’s that the world would run out of oil. So far, that hasn’t happened. And in the meantime more oil has been discovered.

“If” there really were a problem…do you think we couldn’t have come up with some solutions in the past forty some years? Oh, I don’t know….say the typical car getting better gas mileage. I believe the technology is there. But then again, it’s not as profitable for the oil companies.

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