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Parents Upset Elementary Students Taught Inappropriate Topics

From the article:

A Collin County charter school says it’s considering making changes after parents complained that their elementary-age students were taught age inappropriate topics; such as depression, divorce and identifying as transgender.

It’s a parent’s right to want their children to remain children. While they are children. The teacher’s are over stepping the parent/child relationship boundary.

I’m appalled that the people “in charge” never thought that maybe certain subjects are inappropriate for younger children. I probably shouldn’t be though. The good thing is that some parent’s are paying attention to what is going on at school. The bad thing of course, is that they found out after the fact.

I think the high school students should be presenting their “personal projects” to their own classmates.

The school’s administration officer is considering making changes? It might be wise for her to do more than consider it. She may be out of a job?

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Posted March 28, 2016 by Sue Says in category In the News

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