IRS uses woman’s tax refund to pay old debt incurred by her mother 30 years ago

Yes, you read that right….”30 years ago”…

Ernestine Spears was expecting a nice sized tax refund — $2,900. But the IRS sent that money somewhere else.

“They said that your refund may have been reduced because you may have owed money. We can’t tell you who you owed it to, you’ll find out who you owe when you get a letter,” Spears said.

The letter from the U.S. Treasury Department said Spears owed money to the Social Security Administration.

“So I went to the Social Security Office and they told me when I was a child, my mother received Social Security and it was an overpayment. They said I am not getting my money back,” Spears said.

I have a solution involving the IRS…..dismantled it, totally. Put the offices up for public auction. Or, we could let  China have them as payment toward our debt with them. Let’s go to a flat tax system and be done with this garbage. Shame on the IRS!


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