Shades of the Minority Report


States Predict Inmates’ Future Crimes with Secretive Surveys

From the article:

States are trying to reduce prison populations with secretive, new psychological assessments to predict which inmates will commit future crimes and who might be safe to release, despite serious problems and high-profile failures, an Associated Press investigation found.


Used for crimes ranging from petty thievery to serial murders, these questionnaires come with their own set of risks, according to the AP’s examination.

Many rely on criminals to tell the truth, and jurisdictions don’t always check to make sure the answers are accurate.

Seriously now. Well, gee…if there isn’t a problem from the very start.

Do you ever say to yourself….who exactly is in charge of these harebrained ideas? I do. All the time. It probably isn’t just me is it?–Risky%20Justice/id-6720085e6d184f07839a6b2126a39b94

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