Shameful but Forgivable


‘I did not go to heaven’: Paralyzed Boy Admits He Made Up Best-Selling Book about How He Ascended to Paradise and Met Jesus After Car Wreck

From the article:

A boy whose tale of dying and going to heaven after a car crash that became a best-selling book has today admitted that he made the whole thing up.

Alex Malarkey, now 16, lay in a coma for two months and was left paralyzed after the wreck in 2004.

But when he awoke, he amazed doctors and his parents with a story of how an Angel had lifted him up to heaven where he met Jesus and Satan.

His story was made into the best-selling book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, which was co-authored with his father Kevin and first published in 2010.

Compounding the lie:

…..she adds that Alex previously told a pastor that the book was made up, but was told the publication was ‘blessing’ people and to stay quiet.

Which blessing would that be? The one people got when they read the book? Or, the blessing people who were making loads of money from the  “story” received?

Hmm….I must admit I’d like to know who this so-called “Pastor” is? Incredible. Then again, maybe not so incredible.

The one good thing that did come of this is that people are encouraged to read their bibles. That’s the best advice.

Though this is shameful it is also forgivable…afterall the boy was young. I hope he learned his lesson. “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

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