Silence Opposing Views by Law?


Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’ and ‘Put a Price on Carbon’

From the article:

Gore said forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy. “We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends,” Gore told the Chicago Tribune, referring to a proposed federal cap-and-trade system that would penalize companies that exceeded their carbon-emission limits. “And in order to do that, we need to put a price on denial in politics.”


At one given time or another Liberals have blamed
Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change for anyone of the following.

Rising sea levels.
Falling sea levels.


Rising temperatures.
Cooling temperatures.

Decreased sea ice.
Increased sea ice.

More hurricanes.
Fewer hurricanes.

Increase in Polar Ice.
Decline of Polar Ice.

Increase in severe Thunder storms.
Decrease in severe Thunder storms.

Crashing computer hard drives.

Erectile dysfunction
One lasting for more than 4 hours…

Lerner’s E-mails mysteriously disappearing.
Lerner’s E-mails mysteriously reappearing

Electronic voting machines inexplicitly selecting Democrat when Republican is chosen.

And if you don’t religiously and unequivocally believe this, then…

You are considered _______________. (Insert any one of many derogatory names
the oh, so tolerant Left has for anyone who dares to have a different opinion than

Oh, and if you even slightly question the BHO then you’re also a racist

Libs what IS IT? The Sheeple need to speed up and keep with the game.
Global Warming, Climate Change, … er I mean Man Made Climate Change
…..Ops .. they changed it again this week (drum roll) now it’s, Man
Made Climate Disruption.

Water vapor is by far the most eggregious greenhouse gas. Therefore the UN’s boldest global warming initiative to date: a global ban on boiling, sweating, showering, snorkeling, wakeboarding, and surfing, and plastic wrap all the planet’s oceans and lakes.SEIZE HIM!!! DEATH to the apostate! DEATH to the disbeliever! DEATH to those who would mock The Prophet!

Climatic Jihad?

From WUWT – What’s Up With That:

ISIL and other Islamist jihad movements continue to round up and silence all who oppose them or refuse to convert to their extreme religious tenets. They are inspiring thousands to join them. Their intolerance, vicious tactics and growing power seem to have inspired others, as well.

After years of claiming the science is settled and unprecedented man-made catastrophes are occurring right now, Climate Crisis, Inc. is increasingly desperate. Polls put climate change at the bottom of every list of public concerns. China and India refuse to cut energy production or emissions. Real-world weather and climate totally contradict their dire models and forecasts. Expensive, subsidized, environmentally harmful renewable energy makes little sense in world freshly awash in cheap, accessible oil, gas and coal.

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