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HHS Secretary: There May be Other Cases of Ebola in the U.S.

From the article:

Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell said that despite the best efforts of health officials, Americans have to prepare for the reality that there may be more cases of Ebola in the United States.

I can’t tell you how many times I listened to what the “CDC Chief” said his speech. I didn’t count. But I can tell you this, I wrote down what I believe is his every word.

So, here’s what was said and I’ll tell you what I think.  And see if you agree.  So, here it is….

What we’re doing is putting in additional protection.
Uh, we’ve been very clear that as long as Ebola continues to spread in Africa, we can’t make the risk zero here. We wish we could. We wish there were someway that we that could make it zero here.

To begin with, who is this “WE”.  The Center for Disease Control? Forgive me, but it doesn’t look much like you are in control of anything.

No explanation of the ‘extra protection”. And without an explanation we are supposed to be okay with just that?

I can tell you how to make the risk zero or, at least closer to zero. Though honestly, in my opinion,  the disease was left to run amok for longer than I would have.  Let me give it a try. Okay?

First of all, who said anything about banning travel “to” the areas hard hit by Ebola? I believe what would be the intelligent thing to do is ban travel “from” West Africa. Any visa’s within that area, banned. Just for now, until the crisis is over. The only travel to West Africa would be doctors and nurses and their support team. Supplies, of course. And limit the contact of people who are making these deliveries.

Next, doctors that volunteer to help stem the tide of Ebola would only work with assigned patients. The patient’s would be graded according to their condition and further isolated. Shifts of doctor’s?

How about a floating hospital? Doesn’t the U.S. have a fleet?

Then, the doctor’s  and their support team would be divided among one of two groups. Those who have possibly contracted the disease, and those who are in the clear.  All would have to wait the additional 21 days to be released back into population. The one’s in the clear can safely travel back to the States and not risk contaminating anyone else.

And I understand there have been calls to ban all travel to West Africa.

The problem with that approach, is that it makes it extremely difficult to respond to the outbreak.

It makes it harder to get health worker’s in because they can’t get out.

And I do agree with this statement “if” ALL travel was banned. Which it wouldn’t be.

Quite frankly I can’t imagine that anyone would want to go considering the risks.

If we make it harder to respond to the outbreak in West Africa it will spread not only in those three countries, but to other parts of Africa. And will ultimately increase the risk here.

Though he never explains how containing Ebola in West Africa, or the rest of Africa will increase the risk here? Does this statement make any sense to you?

That’s why the concept of above all doing no harm is so important here.

And this is your best shot at it. Sounds pretty lame if you ask me.

I understand that disposals of bodies is another issue.  Can they be shrink wrapped?  Funeral’s would have to be monitored. No, contact with the body. I know that must sound insensitive. Maybe cremation? I don’t know if burying a diseased body is safe. I wouldn’t think so.

Since this is a worldwide problem, meeting and agreeing to stop the spread would be the smart thing to do, huh?

And lastly,…..doesn’t the U.S. Department have a plan in place to deal with such a crisis? Seriously, now…

This last line is based on the “Hippocratic Oath”  I have provided the info:

From Wikipedia:

The Hippocratic Oath.

The Modern Version.

United States Department of Health and Human Services

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