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More renounce US citizenship but deny stereotype

From the article:

(And what is the stereotype?)

…..most are widely assumed to be driven by a desire to avoid paying taxes on hidden wealth.

According to the article a record number of people renounced their American citizenship. It was just under 3000.  Not much of a record if you ask me. Now if a million people left the country that would be a little shocking.

There is another reason that I posted this article and it has nothing to do with renouncing citizenship. It’s what else was in the article.

For a couple of days I have been posting different articles about wealth redistribution, sustainably, and global warming.  And the real reasons behind them.

Another important issue:

There is also a move to change the amendments to our Constitution. Or, make laws as to make the amendments ineffective).

(These are a few lines from the article.)

Sports played the central role in Quincy Davis III’s decision.

When the team’s owner suggested last year that he join Taiwan’s national team, Davis says he found little motivation to keep his U.S. citizenship.

“When you think about who I am as a black guy in the U.S., I didn’t have opportunities,” he says. “You get discriminated against over there in the South. Here everyone is so nice. They invite you into their homes, they’re so hospitable. … “There’s no crime, no guns.” I can’t help but love this place.”

Now that is just his opinion. He is entitled of course, to his opinion. Although, it doesn’t mean it’s the absolute truth of the matter.

First, you had to know that racism would be brought up. There is a rule now that if you are black, that racism has to be acknowledged in every article. (sarcasm) It’s a media thing. No matter what the subject is. As though racism doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. The subject is getting old and tiresome.

(I have revised this part of the original post because I didn’t want to offend anyone. If you had read this, that is. My hope is that in rewriting it that my point is understood and that it will not appear that there is any animosity toward any one or any group in particular. Especially not the guy that made the statement.)

My feeling though is that there should be a moratorium on the words racism, racist, and bigot for one week.

I acknowledge that racism does exist. But to say that a total environment such as “the South” is racist, well it’s over stating it just a bit.

In Japan,  Koreans who have lived in Japan for hundreds of years have what is called “special permanent resident” status. Their nationality is not acknowledged as Japanese. I guess it’s makes everything okay because they are called “special”.

No guns, no  crime? (As in no guns, mean no crime. The anti-gun sentiment.)  The second amendment to our Constitution is the right to keep and bear arms.

According to the next article it’s absolutely untrue that Taiwan is some type of Utopia.

Gangster life: Taiwan’s real-life Sopranos

Like their counterparts the world over, Taiwan’s gangsters boast colorful nicknames and truck in drugs, gun-running, prostitution, human trafficking, construction firm kickbacks, petty extortion and other racketeering.

But what sets Taiwan’s wise guys apart from their Sicilian or Japanese brethren is the extent of their open involvement in political and religious life.

Political and religious life? (What religion in Taiwan condones gangsters?)

Next: Norman Heinrichs-Gale’s parents were missionaries from Washington state who raised him in Asia and the Middle East.

On yearly trips to the U.S. he felt increasingly like a stranger. “I never forget going into a grocery store and just being stunned by my choice of cereals,” Heinrichs-Gale says. “I was stunned by just the pace of life compared to what we have here, stunned by the extremes of wealth and poverty that I encountered.”

Honestly, I have to almost had to laugh about this one. Really? You live in a town of 6,000 and you are amazed that a city larger than yours has such a wide variety of cereals?

And after having lived in Asia and the Middle East you are stunned by the extreme’s of wealth and poverty here? Are you serious? Yeah, there’s certainly no poverty in Asia. (sarcasm) Nor in the Middle East.

This is the garbage that the news media is shoveling out.

To recap…..Extreme racism in the U.S.  No guns, no crime-The Second Amendment. Stunned by wealth and poverty in U.S. -Wealth Redistribution.

In my opinion this is  “Deception” and “Conditioning”.

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