Exorcists Warn Vatican over ‘Beautiful Young Vampires’ and Satanic Yoga

From the article:

The proliferation of “beautiful young vampires” in TV series and Hollywood films including True Blood and the Twilight movies is encouraging young people to dabble with occult forces, a leading authority on demonic possession has warned a Vatican-backed exorcism course.


Mith Randir 

If the failing Catholic church wants to jam the seats with paying worshipers, RELEASE THE VIDEO OF EXORCISMS! Why all the secrecy? Show the spirits that are against God, if you have the evidence. –what a bunch of fools.

Why does the Catholic Church still exist?


the church is at the foundation of this. they invented the devil a millennium or so ago and now they complain. tsk tsk


Who poses the bigger threat to young people, vampires or pedophile priests?


No greater institution to promote the malevolent, grotesque and thoroughly evil tendencies of humankind exists than the Roman Catholic church. A scurrilous and vile cult it continues to seduce, lie and abuse its way to power; with a high priest who sits atop its history of savagery. And this disgraceful institution has the gaul to offer exorcisms to rid people of their demons. No, people need to get rid of the Roman Catholic church and by so doing get rid of a demon that prowls the surface of this planet and possesses people with literally insane ideas.


What is there left for young people to believe in? The Churches are full of pedophiles, the governments are corrupt, your athletes are high on steroids, war hero’s are called crazy because of PTSD, the various Constitutions of the world are toilet paper.

So I have to ask what should they believe in. I find it funny, that a church that just tossed 500 years or morals values and beliefs, is warning people about satanic yoga.

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