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Gary Peter’s Tries to Silence Lady with Cancer, but She Fights Back!

How low can you go, Rep. Gary Peter’s?

I have a notion, (I could be wrong?) that this woman voted for Obama.  And why, I believe that…

From the article:

Asked what she would say to Obama were she given the chance, Boonstra responded: “This law has not benefited him. I know there are some people out there who wanted to believe that. I have not seen the benefits so far.”

“Benefited him”?  Excuse me? Why on earth would she care about benefiting him? Where are the benefits she planned on?  Like NOT being dropped from her insurance that she so desperately needs?

Also, from the article:

“This [law] is hurting me,” she continued. “I thought the intention was to help and it’s not. I’m angry [Obama] lied to me.

Well, he’s lied about a lot of things, hasn’t he?  It’s a matter of public record.

Finally, ….everyone should take note, a “big note” on what these cowards do when their policies actually hurt and not help families.  They will go after Y~O~U  if you say anything.  Remember that.

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Posted February 25, 2014 by Sue Says in category Obamacare

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