“Super Mario” Theme on Ancient Chinese Instrument


True story. When my kids were younger they tried to teach me how to play the video game Super Mario. I would get so tickled when they were trying to teach me.  My kids would laugh at me and I’d laugh at myself.  I couldn’t play it for all the laughing and joking around.  So, I started teaching myself while they were at school.  Slick, huh? After a couple days of getting the hang of it….I decided to show them that I could actually play the game.  They were pretty surprised at ol’ mom. Good memories.

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Posted March 1, 2014 by Sue Says in category Music - Variety

1 thoughts on ““Super Mario” Theme on Ancient Chinese Instrument

  1. Robi Robson

    That is awesome. That was probably the instrument that really played that song. Pretty impressive with the level ups and the deep cave levels. I remember that too. You can’t say you are a real techy nerd if you were not able to master Mario and Luigi! I bet it can’t play the hyperspace mode in Stargate.


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