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Summary: Have we turned caring for the planet into a religion?

From the article:

One of the biggest movements in today’s world is the drive towards sustainability. Under the banner of “caring for the earth,” countless coalitions have been created, numerous actions legislated or legislated against, and even basic rights foregone.

Of course, it is humanity’s mandate in Scripture to rule over the earth and care for it, but the current “green” frenzy is turning Earth into a god and drawing the nations together in a war against ourselves.

As with redistribution of wealth, sustainability also has it’s “dark side”

Again, from the article:

In order to make the planet and its resources sustainable, there must be ” a global system to control” the use of those resources. Already, we have seen government and big business going into partnership—the very definition of fascism according to former Congressman John Hall—to take control of food, power, and water supplies.

One thing I’ve wondered, and maybe YOU should think about…..IS there really a sustainability problem?

I remember when I was younger, that there was a lot of talk of running out of resources. Mainly oil. Funny how we haven’t run out of oil and it’s been decades ago.

In recent years Canada had found a huge oil deposit in their country. The funny thing is the U.S. under President Obama said essentially, Thanks, but no thanks.  I do understand that deals were made with the oil cartels…. I  an aware  it goes much deeper of course.

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