Paying the Price


Just Like the Old Soviet Union: Dem Judge Orders Psych Counseling for D’Souza

From the article:

At a hearing Monday in Manhattan in which he ruled filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza must continue community service for four more years, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said he considers D’Souza’s violation of federal campaign-finance laws to be evidence of a psychological problem and ordered further counseling.


…“I’m not singling out Mr. D’Souza to pick on him,” Berman said at the hearing Monday. “A requirement for psychological counseling often comes up in my hearings in cases where I find it hard to understand why someone did what they did.”…

Maybe if the judge is finding it hard to understand why someone might do things differently than he might…maybe it’s not the defendant that has the real problem? Especially when you override expert evaluation from not just one doctor but two.

Anyone who knows anything about Dinesh D’Souza recognizes that he is being targeted. He made one big enemy and now he is paying the price. No doubt in my mind.

When I saw the article on Sheriff Joe I was wondering how Dinesh D’Souza was fairing. I hadn’t seen this article.

Dinesh D’Souza’s Facebook Page:

De Nile Isn’t Just a River in Egypt…..


Costco Denies Political Motive for Pulling D’Souza’s Book

From the article:

Big-box wholesaler Costco pulled Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” just after the nationwide release of the companion movie, but Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti told WND the decision was not motivated by political considerations.

Why on earth…..would a company…..decide to pull a book…..before the movie,….based on the book, is released? That doesn’t make sense. Does it?
According to what I’ve read, the decision to pull the book was done the day before the movie was released, not after.
Wouldn’t you want to see how sales of the movie went first? It’s not like there are a lot of books released a month before the companion movie is released too. At least not that I’m aware of.
It was about to debut on the New York Times bestseller list too?
So, the choice is: either you have a real knucklehead making a HUGE blunder, by pulling the book…early. Or, it was politically motivated. It isn’t both.
If I were the head of Costco I think I’d deny…deny….deny…that it was politically motivated too.  Truth be told, I wouldn’t want to lie about it. You know….you reap what you sow…
In all honesty, it certainly seems a bit fishy to me.

Politically motivated?


‘2016: Obama’s America’ Filmmaker Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.  You have to know from day one (of the films release) someone has been sifting though everything Dinesh D’Souza has ever done in his lifetime. Everyone knows what this administration does to it’s enemies. It’s not exactly a secret.