Sketches From The Life of Paul

by Ellen G. White

Chapter 2: Conversion of Saul

The mind of Saul was greatly stirred by the triumphant death of Stephen. He was shaken in his prejudice; but the opinions and arguments of the priests and rulers finally convinced him that Stephen was a blasphemer; that Jesus Christ whom he preached was an impostor, and that those ministering in holy offices must be right…



Cheering Words for the Master’s Workers

This is a book that was in the personal library of Ellen White.

I looked to see if there were a copy available. Thankfully through the internet I was able to find one. Honestly I love the title. Anyway…here’s the link. You can also download this in different formats including a PDF. It’s the gray button above the book.


How to Read Ellen White, Part 2

Usually I put up the second in a series either the same day,  the day after or, sometimes the next week on the same day. This video wasn’t available until two months later. I just realized it wasn’t posted when I happened to see only part one, the other day. Oops. So, here is part two.

Though this is an audio video, it will be under Ellen White’s Writings.