Sketches From The Life of Paul

by Ellen G. White

Chapter 4: Ordination of Paul and Barnabas

The apostles and disciples who left Jerusalem during the fierce persecution that raged there after the martyrdom of Stephen, preached Christ in the cities round about, confining their labors to the Hebrew and Greek Jews. “And the hand of the Lord was with them; and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord.” …



Sketches From The Life of Paul

by Ellen G. White

Chapter 2: Conversion of Saul

The mind of Saul was greatly stirred by the triumphant death of Stephen. He was shaken in his prejudice; but the opinions and arguments of the priests and rulers finally convinced him that Stephen was a blasphemer; that Jesus Christ whom he preached was an impostor, and that those ministering in holy offices must be right…



Cheering Words for the Master’s Workers

This is a book that was in the personal library of Ellen White.

I looked to see if there were a copy available. Thankfully through the internet I was able to find one. Honestly I love the title. Anyway…here’s the link. You can also download this in different formats including a PDF. It’s the gray button above the book.


How to Read Ellen White, Part 2

Usually I put up the second in a series either the same day,  the day after or, sometimes the next week on the same day. This video wasn’t available until two months later. I just realized it wasn’t posted when I happened to see only part one, the other day. Oops. So, here is part two.

Though this is an audio video, it will be under Ellen White’s Writings.