Finland’s Election and Greece’s Future


How Sleepy Finland Could Tear Apart the Euro Project

From the article:

Europe’s biggest cheerleader for austerity is heading to the polls, and its stance on Greece threatens to catalyse a break-up of the union

From Wikipedia:

The History of the Euro

Take Me Home James…..


Cars could drive themselves sooner than expected after European push

I’d like to know what happens when you get into an accident with one of these cars. Who calls the police to report the accident?

From the article:

For years, so-called “autonomous vehicles” have been a futuristic dream pioneered by silicon valley companies like Google.

But as the technology becomes more affordable, Europe’s luxury automakers say they are well placed to take advantage of it because of their deeper experience in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales. There is no point in waiting while California upstarts catch up.–finance.html

Instead of individual cars…..this is what came to mind (From the movie, Total Recall):

An Idea Whose Time Has Come?


Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution

Okay, so to break it down in a nutshell…..

The people of Europe WILL eventually have their pension savings taken to help boost the economy.  It won’t be voluntary.  The different countries that make up the European Union will just take it or, in other words “steal” it. Of course, the idea will be that….there is no choice.  Do it, or suffer the consequences. And…it may not help to boost the economy.  The truth is it will probably only be a temporary fix.  If at all.  So their hard earned money, pffft.   The people don’t get a say in where it is applied.

Now, if you think that this is only going to be done in Europe, think again.  The plans are already in the works in the U.S. to change your personal retirement funds into the government retirement plan. The government will dole it out to you how and when they want to.  And we will all be just one big happy family? Or, not.

Wealth redistribution, folks. Making the rich, “richer” and the poor, “poorer”.  Because you do know, don’t you…..the rich are always ahead of the game and their money won’t be in “pension savings”.