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‘Intelligent’ Streetlights to ‘Watch’ Florida Residents

“Data-collecting” LED streetlights part of General Electric’s “Intelligent City Initiative”

The Jacksonville, Florida, city government is preparing to install more than 50 “intelligent” streetlights under a new General Electric pilot program.

In accordance with the “GE Intelligent City Initiate,” the “data-collecting” LED streetlights will be placed throughout the city’s downtown and surrounding areas.

According to a Thursday morning presentation by GE, the lights will be “interconnected with one another and will collect real-time data,” as reported by the Jacksonville Business Journal.

As I’ve told you before I take everything Alex Jones says with a heaping helping of salt. That being said…

According to the article  not only will GE “own” all the information gathered but they can “share” it with third parties.

Like the city. And who knows who else?

Hmm…so, where does your privacy come in? It doesn’t.

It even has “homeland security” features. Just lovely.

Some People are…..


Never Happy

From the article:

When I lived in Manhattan, I never needed to know when winter officially arrived. I could count on one particular coworker to announce it. The official date changed every year, but he never failed to signify it by dropping by my office first thing in the morning, a Starbucks commuting coffee mug in his hand, and saying, “Boy, oh, boy, do you believe how cold it is?

 I read this…this morning. I thought it was pretty good. Although I think that the weather is the easiest thing to talk about since it affects us all. Albeit, in different ways. Happy, or not.

When I was younger….okay, much younger…I enjoyed the snow. Now….not so much. But it is a fact of life if you live in Michigan. Or, anywhere north of that line where mild and not so mild weather come together.

Today, I wouldn’t mind being called a “snow bird”. Catching all the mild weather in both the upper and lower parts of the northern hemisphere.

A little factoid for the day: Did you know? Florida is in the lower and western part of the northern hemisphere.

I thh

Record Breaker in Florida


South Florida May Be In For Record-Breaking Lows

It’s -18  this morning and I having a bit of a hard time being sympathetic.

Michigan is expecting 35 on Saturday and it’s going to feel like a heat wave, though it’s not expected to last.

I wonder if the kids will be staying home from school in Florida?

Yeah,…I’m being sarcastic.

From the article:

The boots are out, the sweaters are on—South Florida is experiencing some of the chilliest weather of the season.

Low temperatures Thursday morning bottomed out near 40 in West Kendall but remained in the upper 40s to near 50 elsewhere as winds picked up in the early morning.

A gusty northwest wind will blow Thursday under bright sunshine as temperature readings climb into the upper 50s.