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The number of beneficiaries on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—AKA food stamps–has topped 46,000,000 for 38th straight months, according to data released by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).



I only know 1 person w/an EBT card & she abuses the heck out of it, selling some of it for cash (not quite sure how that’s done, but she does it) and claiming she has 2 kids living w/her when she only has 1 (the other is living w/someone else in order to attend a different school). I babysit her daughter for 3 hours per night, 4 nights a week, so this woman can get her GED (she’s in her late 30s, dropped out of HS, had 5 kids out of wedlock, 2 have been removed from her, 1 was given up for adoption at birth. No job experience, no skills, no income, no transportation, no nothing). I feed her daughter, then drive up to the campus to pick up mom, who is always expecting me to bring her leftover dinner. Never mind that she gets around $450 a month in food stamps; she refuses to cook, buys junk food, tries to snag a meal out of me (and everyone) whenever she can–even as far as asking me to pick up groceries for her at the store or buy some fast food because she’s got nothing in the house to eat. Talk about lazy & entitled! She’s been getting every government benefit she’s eligible for for YEARS & the thought of trying to become self-sufficient is completely alien to her. Why are so many people getting EBT cards? Because the economy is in the crapper & millions have lost their jobs or taken a pay cut. Because hordes of people who shouldn’t even be in the USA in the first place can get them. Because eligibility requirements have been changed over & over, so more & more people can suddenly become eligible–even if their income never changed. And then there’s my friend, who feels it’s her God-given right to have everyone support her because of her piss-poor choices in life. I RESENT THE GOVERNMENT TAKING MONEY FROM ME & GIVING IT TO SOMEONE LIKE HER. The only reason I don’t turn her in for fraud is because of her daughter. Otherwise, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

The states with the highest use are the very same states that have the lowest or lower wages( I live in Idaho)!!! I work at a grocery store and most of the college students have food stamps!!! While they buy beer every weekend with cash!! Then I watch older people take ramon noodles off their bill because they can’t afford them!!! And then watching the “families” with 3, 4 & 5 kids that get $600+ a month, walk in and spend $187 on Halloween candy!!! It sickens me!! Regulate what those idiots can buy!!!!! No SODA, No CANDY, No CHIPS & No ROCKSTAR energy drinks!! I’m topped out at $12.54/hr which is good, but when my rent is 61% of my net wages needless to say I eat a lot of mac n cheese!!! Things need to change and for the better SOON!!!!!!

In Chicago the latinos all teach each other how to game the system. I have personally witnessed this.

Increased Demand at Food Pantries


1 Million Expected to Lose Food Stamps as Economy Improves

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A side effect of the improving economy: About 1 million needy people will lose food stamp benefits starting this fall.

That’s a new estimate by a left-leaning think tank, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which is urging Congress to change a federal law that limits how long someone can receive food stamps when they are out of a job.

History of Food Stamps


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

 I figure if I didn’t know what this article states about “food stamps”, I bet most people don’t know.

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The idea for the first FSP is credited to various people, most notably Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace and the program’s first Administrator Milo Perkins. The program operated by permitting people on relief to buy orange stamps equal to their normal food expenditures; for every $1 worth of orange stamps purchased, 50 cents worth of blue stamps were received. Orange stamps could be used to buy any food; blue stamps could only be used to buy food determined by the Department to be surplus.