Herded Like Sheep to the Single Payer System


I’m not sure that this is the best explanation but I’m going to give it a try.

The real power behind herding the sheep is a man. Then, you have the dog which seems to be in charge of which way the sheep  are going. First, he’s on one side then he’s on the other.

The fence along the left is the so-called Democratic party and the right fence is the so-called Republican party. By the way you are one of the sheep. Going down through the middle of the two sides has already been predetermined for you.

Are You Kidding Me?


University Considers Requiring Coverage of Sex Changes in Health Plan

Sure, let’s have insurance for every conceivable medical problem in the world….   Oh yeah, that was the aim of Obamacare wasn’t it?

Now this begs the question, just exactly how many people at the University want/need a sex change operation?  Maybe it’s just the person who came up with the idea?